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Click on the questions below to view the answers to our most frequently asked questions. If you have any further question which is not found at here please email us anytime.

Do I have to pay to use this website?
This is a FREE service. The only time that payment is required will be when a confirmed tour booking is made.
How do I get to Madagascar?
The best way to get to Madagascar is by air. So far air Madagascar and air France are the only long haul flight from Paris which is convenient for travelers from Europe and from the United States. Of course you can come via South Africa, Nairobi, mariutus, reunion, Bangkok.
When is the best time to visit Madagascar?
Broadly speaking the dry months are between Mid Aprils to Mid November. Keen naturalists should go from late august to end of December. With the climate change the weather is not predictable so you just tell when do you plan to come and I will advise you what it will be like and select the areas accordingly.
Do I need an entrance visa to Madagascar?
Yes, a visa is required by everyone except for Malagasy citizen.
Where do I need to apply my visa?
It can be issued at the airport in Antananarivo upon your arrival or you can obtain it from Malagasy embassy near you. You will require a valid passport with 6 months and round trip international air tickets.
How much do I have to pay for my entry visa?
30 days entry visa is free of charge until the end of this December 2011 but if you apply more than 30 days then you will be charged around 60 euro or more.
Should I take travel insurance?
It is essential that you take out sufficient travel insurance from your country.
Which currency should I bring?
I recommend you to bring euro, us dollars or pounds in notes. Visa card is most easy one to change at ATM machines at every major city you will pass.
Which language do Malagasy speak?
The local people speak Malagasy, which belongs to the Malay -Polynesian family of languages. French is only use for an administrative paper work. Few speak English.
Will I have internet access during my tour?
Yes, cyber café can be found in every big place or at high standard hotel. You might get a wifi internet connection if you have your lap top with you.
Does cell phone network cover in big places in Madagascar?
Yes, mobile phone is very popular and works well at most of the accessible places. We have orange, telma and airtel operators so you can choose one of it which suite for you.
Is it safe to travel in Madagascar?
Travelling to any country in the world does involve a certain amount of risk. It is however very important to utilize local knowledge to avoid areas of high risk. Visit mada tours has been conducting tours for over 8 years and we have never had a serious incident.
Why should I travel with visit mada tours?
Visit mada tours has been the premiere English speaking local tour company in Madagascar since 2003. We have the experience and the commitment to provide you with the trip of a lifetime. We can offer you a quality holiday at an affordable price and will show you places you could not see while travelling alone or on a large coach tour.
How do I book my trip with visit mada tours?
Your tour at Visit mada tours can be booked from anywhere in the world and at anytime you have internet access. Bookings can be made online via our website or by phone. You can hold your booking by email us your all full name with your international flight detail and 50% of deposit. Please phone or email us if you need any assistance or have any questions.
When should I book my trip?
Book early! Many tours fill quickly so you should contact us as soon as possible. We would be happy to help you choose the trip that is right for you. Contact us anytime to check availability for our tour.
When do I have to pay my final balance?
You will pay our final balance when we meet in Antananarivo and we prefer to have it in euro or us dollars cash.
Can you design our itinerary with our needs?
Visit mada tours can help you to plan your trip with your needs. This is a FREE service supplied to you by our travel experts. You just let us know what you want to see or places you would like to visit then we will email you our draft itinerary including your request.
Does visit mada tours provide an international flight tickets?
No, visit mada tours does not arrange or provide yet any international flight ticket to the clients.
Can we book and purchase our local flight ticket through visit mada tours?
Yes, you can book and purchase your all domestic flight tickets through our agency. The advantage that you will buy your local ticket from us, because you can change or modify easily your flight tickets without charge fees.
How do I pay my trip to visit mada tours?
The trip at visit mada tours can be paid by visa card or master card or even by bank transfer too. We take Euro, US dollars and Ariary cash if you are already in Madagascar.
Can I take picture of the local people?
Only in Antananarivo is not good to take picture of the people without their permission but out of tana is no problem. People are very happy if you take them a photo and promise to post it.
How much the average cost for a meal at the restaurant?
A menu (entrance, resistance, desert) costs from 10 euro up to 30 euro per person at restaurant.
How much is the local guide fees at national parks?
The fee for the local guide at national park is various which depend on circuits you will trek. From 12 euro up to 30 euro for 1 to 3 people.